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Lars Hindsley
By Lars Hindsley Fri 22 Feb 2013 1:52 AM EST
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Paintball is a growing sport in America, and it has become a family activity.  It is a richly rewarding family activity too.  

Paintball can be an intimidating sport when you first approach it, just like any other sport you are exposing yourself to for the first time.  Imagine learning to skate for the first time or ride a horse, and then there is skiing, all great family activities but need considerable time to master.  Unlike these other sports, Paintball is easy to enjoy quickly.  

I will help you understand enough to get you over any trepidation you may have in trying out Paintball with your family. This article's information will allow you to enjoy this sport for the fun family experience it has become for so many other families across the United States. 

Paintball is a game the entire family can play together.  Here is why in the simplest of terms. 

No one can out run a paintball. 

So to play paintball as good as anyone else on the field you can be:

  •          Young or old.
  •          Short or tall.
  •          Skinny or wide.
  •          Male or Female.
  •          Fast on your feet or hardly able to walk if at all.

Why would you avoid playing the game?  Well of course the obvious reason exists.  A paintball can sting.  

So how do you avoid the pain of a paintball stinging you or leaving a welt?  Here are some good tips:

  1.        Play woods ball paintball.  In general this keeps you at far distances, the further the paintball shooter is from you the farther the paintball has to travel. Now the paintball has less chance of stinging when shot from far away. Most advanced players don’t play woods ball leaving you to experience paintball for the first time with peace-of-mind.  And when experienced players do participate, the type you will meet are cordial ambassadors of the sport.  …Not to mention all those tree branches make you equal on the field of play by handicapping a better player.  The new person has equal opportunity to excel in the woods.
  2.        Do play in colder weather such as spring or fall.  This allows you to play with more layers of clothing. 
  3.        Do wear more than a t-shirt or shorts when playing paintball. Any shot on open skin will sting and most likely leave a welt.
  4.        Wear head protection such as a hood or cap in addition to the required paintball mask.
  5.        Play at fields with responsible and caring referees. 
  6.        Play at fields that emphasize safety.
  7.        Only play with other players that respect the game.  It is a game of honor.

Families that play together stay together apply here.  How many activities can fathers and sons spend an entire afternoon together learning so many of life’s lessons.   The same of course goes for including a mother, sister or brother.   In the experience of game play you can show your children first hand what team work and communication does for you.   Your children learn that collectively you are stronger as a unit than you are as individuals.  Your children learn that an exotic paintball gun is no match for someone that is a good shot.  They learn the importance of self-reliance and this raises their self esteem.  In the game of paintball a parent and child will communicate for survival during the game, this communication is a bonding experience unlike any other activity you participate in together.  You truly need each other, depend on each other and the reward of this communication is priceless.   You create an afternoon of memories you can all talk about around your dinner table.  “Do you remember that time you almost got shot but I saved you?”  can create a laugh at the dinner table or a moment of thankfulness; either way it’s experience you’ll share and long be remembered among your family members in a positive light.   It’s not every day you expect your wife, daughter or son to save you.  When it happens your family will feel a closeness from knowing one another came through for each other.   Paintball is the sport where this closeness and appreciation for each other can happen.

Like any sport there are safety precautions you need to take.  Take them and you’ll be assured of a day without any tears or raised negative emotions.   Know before you go that you must respect the sport.  Play with honor such as when you are shot, call yourself out and let the other player be rewarded by telling them, “Good shot” or "Good shooting".    Pay attention during the pre-game rules and know that each field has their own rules you should respect.

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